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What Women Need to Know About Men


If you long for deeper connections with the men in your life, but oftentimes feel frustrated or misunderstood, know that those relationships can improve. Regardless of if your relationship is personal or professional, rather than allowing your different communication styles to create barriers, you can learn to express yourself in a way that changes those bonds for the better. With expert guidance, it is entirely possible for anyone to build thriving, supportive relationships with the opposite sex that are enriching and fulfilling for everyone involved.

Put an End to Misunderstandings

Men and women listen, process, and speak in different ways. Women tend to look for understanding and affinity. Men are usually pragmatic and direct. If you're sharing a story and he seems to lose interest, you might assume that he doesn't care. But this is mainly because of different communications styles: a man listens for the point of the story while tuning out the rest, while a woman wants to be heard, whether or not there's a point.

But men do communicate. They do listen. They are ready to encourage and respect who you are and what you need. In romantic relationships, they are eager to love, cherish, and understand you. Creating this kind of connection with men is easy once you understand and accept what makes them different, and why that's a wonderful thing.


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