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Breaking Barriers  By Simone Myrie

If you want something different, you must be someone different and do something different. Squeeze the juice of life out of every inspiring encouraging voice..Don’t allow anything to stop you from setting aside time each day to rise above the voices of negativity, immerse yourself in positive and uplifting influences and update your approach to your life.

Cultivate optimism

Don’t let your negative tendencies overwhelm you.As Winston Churchill said: 'For myself I’m an optimist, there doesn’t seem much use to be anything else.'

Surprises happen. Shock happens. Life happens. But if we go looking...For disaster around every corner there’s a good chance we’re going to bump into it. Try redirecting the energy used for spotting what’s wrong with your life and begin guiding it towards looking for what’s right.Focus on the beauty of life. be grateful for small mercies. Gratitude always opens the door to happiness. Be grateful

Remember excellence is not an act, but a habit and the most successful among us have developed success habits. Every choice they make sets them up for the results they want.

To live a life of excellence, my dear don’t live by other people’s standards and terms. Live your dreams and bring them to reality Keep the spirit of excellence raging inside of you. 
As always lots of love buckets of blessings ~Simone Myrie #BreakingBarriers

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