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Every single person is talented & a lot of people are neglecting their talent...We have just only a few people who identify their talent, who deploy those talents and become stars.They become celebrities in our world and everybody else feels like it is their destiny to be ordinary .God says No,there’s something special about everyone. Not everyone’s calling or assignment is meant to be visible.For every visible star, there are many hidden but are stars in their own right making it possible for others to be really visible.Visible people in the entertainment industry have loads of people behind them who are experts in their own right.

So whether your calling is to be visible or not visible every single one of us is a Star.When reading Exodus 31: 1-5 we see God is helping us know that it is not only Preaching that He anoints people to do.From that passage we see that God anoints people in their professions, He gifts people for the profession. Two things make some people more successful that the others, sound character and competence.We refer to them as Talent and Effort. In spiritual language we call them fruit of the Spirit & the gift of the Spirit.Talent is the competence part of the equation, it is the gift of the Spirit part of the equation.

A talent is an innate ability, it is an unusual or extraordinary ability. Talent is a gift from God .Talent causes one to get more result with same or less amount of work compared to others.Most people don’t pay enough attention to their talent and not doing that makes us to live ordinary lives.I believe that everyone is talented; there is a part of God's extraordinary ability in every human being.There is no human being that has all of the extraordinary ability that God has, none. If not we will have another God.Every human being has it because we have been created in the likeness of God. We are more like God in some areas than others.Some are more like God in their musical ability than others.

Some are more like God in their ability to design than others . Some are more like God in their ability to relate or communicate with other people than others .Identifying those special abilities that God has given you and deploying them is allowing God to express Himself through you. Please note that your circumstances have been trying to show you what you are gifted for and what you are not gifted for.Some people contend that talent is over rated and you can compensate talent through effort or through hard work.While some people really argue with the fact that talent is critical to success.

Some people say that most of the skills that you need to succeed on a job are skills that you can learn they don’t require talent. However it is difficult to argue against the fact that their is something called uniqueness in creation. If you can succeed by hard work only imagine how much more you will succeed if that hard work is invested in your area of talent. Then it will be extraordinary, I think talent is important People who believe some were created specially and others were created to be ordinary use Talent as a tool of oppression.It is those people that want class segregation; they are one that pushes this kind of a theory From our knowledge of the Bible we are stars and our world will be a better place if everyone function in their area of talent. Why should you value talent?

Talent gives you higher returns on the investment of your effort.My objective today is to ask you to pay attention to this thing called talent or gift.Where you put in normal effort you get unusual results and very high returns on your investment of time, effort, money. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that for you and for me that the days of fruitless effort are over forever. I declare in the name of Jesus Christ that the days of making big effort and getting small result are over forever

I pray for the miracle of open eyes, revelation will come to you and you will find your place in destiny


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