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Talents come in many different shapes and forms and when we join with others and combine these talents in the service of others significant positives usually result.It is very important that we should all seek and discover the gifts that we have been given and develop and utilize them to ensure a better world for all who have been afforded the pleasure to reside in it and amongst us.”~Simone 'Simmie ' Myrie

Born in the parish of Westmoreland Simone is a citizen of Jamaica. She completed aspects of her education and gained  work experience there before living in London, England , Canada and migrating to the United States of America where she now reside as a citizen of that country .

Her life’s involvement and passion has been centered around entrepreneurship and Philanthropy as she has engaged in authoring several publications and undertaken numerous charitable undertakings in Jamaica, United States and Nigeria in Africa.Background

Simone is presently pursuing social and implementation work related to the Empowerment and Transformation of Jamaica with a vision to impact and change the present moral and value systems of the masses in her home country as she is firmly of the view that Jamaica will not see real growth and prosperity with a divided and indiscipline society.

Activity History  


First Black Immigrant To be Covered By Indie Magazine

IWAA Philanthropist Award 2020


 Simmie   News  Network  (SNN)                             


Association of Businesspersons (Ja.)

  • Project Director

Nigerian Community Charities

  • Managing Director

Dru Passion Jewelry

  • CEO

Unite Jamaica People


Roots & Culture By Simone Myrie


Inspirational Thoughts By Simone Myrie


Simmie Dark Lips Lightening Cream 

and Simmie Hemp Soap



Simone grew up in Westmoreland , Jamaica where she first developed her passion for assisting in her community and has continued to support welfare efforts there. Beyond writing, Simone Myrie is known for her philanthropic work and her activism and efforts for the empowerment and repositioning, primarily of women and children to afford them friendly and comfortable environments.

She has spearheaded several campaigns locally, throughout Jamaica and in Nigeria, to help protect the more vulnerable in society, particularly those of women and children. Her philanthropic work has taken her to various locales, where she has spearheaded empowering initiatives such as motivational address, mentoring, the donation of books, school supplies to children and other mind altering interventions.

She is the Founder of “Roots & Culture T-shirts”, “Drupassion Jewelry” , “Inspirational Thoughts By Simone Myrie” , “Roots & Culture By Simone Myrie” and Unite Jamaica People.

Authored :

12 books:  

Words to Inspire the Soul

Love * Betrayal and Hurt

Roots and Culture The Rhythm Of The People

Inspirational Thoughts , 17 Things My Grandmother Told Me 

Divine Empowerment: 10 Declaration  To Speak Over Your Life 

Habit Of A Healthy Couples : Nurturing  a Relationship

The Life of An Illegal Immigrant

Beautifully  , Broken :Where There is No Struggle There Is No Strength

The Cost Of Ambition : They Call Us Dreamers But We Are  The Ones Don't Sleep

Life Enhancing Golden Nuggets Of Wisdom

The Journey Of Life 

Breaking  Barriers 

Writer /Advocate:

In her quest for the empowerment of the People of Jamaica, Simone has embarked on a campaign and call for the re-socialization of the masses in Jamaica and have been contributing ideas and concepts to the Government of Jamaica through direct letters and open letters to the Government and media of Jamaica. She is convinced that until and unless we change “mindsets” in Jamaica to engender a more disciplined society, starting with the children, the country will not achieve its full sociopolitical or economic potential.

A devout Christian, mother, writer and businesswoman, Simone sees herself as a person that has been placed on earth for many reasons and is determined to fulfill every single one of them. Her willingness to take on daunting tasks and face challenging situations has endeared her to many.

She continues to contribute to several philanthropic causes and participates in several community outreach projects and activities.

Her passion is her drive and her drive fuels her passion

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