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It is mixed reaction and some amount of emotion that our children will shortly be ending their summer holiday and returning to the classrooms to continue the formal process of education.

For some it will be a new class in the “old school” for others it will be a new class in a “new school”. Whatever it is some realities ring true for the over 40 thousand Jamaican children embarking on the educational journey.

It is at this time that other realities of society and system come to light when certain inequalities are highlighted between the different elements of affordability between wealthy, middle class, and the poor. While the wealthy and middle class will be able to make arrangements for the needs and well being of their children to be comfortable in the learning environment, the poor will experience challenges in meeting basic necessities of their children.

Unite Jamaica People continue to be the voice and advocates for this sector of our society as we seek to build that bridge to facilitate equality or come as close as we can come to it.

For this back to school period we at UJP would like to focus on assisting the less fortunate children particularly in rural communities who know very well what it is like to walk the mile to school without shoes ,breakfast, lunch or the basic needs to participate in a true educational experience because of the lack of pens, pencils, books or other needed instrument of learning.

In Jamaica 2016 we still have children walking to school without shoes, we still have some with one uniform and no school bags. We need to bring conscience to bear, we need to be more caring as a society. We need to think generously and honestly and help in making the journey for the unfortunate children a little lighter.

We are appealing for your support today as we reach out to young Matthew Wilmot and the children of the rural St.Thomas school who go to school without shoes….We are appealing for your support of our children at Hatfield basic school without the necessary learning implements, we are reaching out to you for all the mothers who have contacted us for assistance.

Friends, we are appealing for shoes, uniforms, bags, books, pens, pencils and other school related implements. 

Should you be minded to support our appeal you may contact us at via email at
Visit our page at or send us an email with your interest and pledge. For those with donations of any kind in Jamaica ,please call (876) 580 3552 to make arrangements for your donation to be collected.

We thank you all so much for your assistance and caring.
May you be continuously blessed and your purse never be in need. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH FOR CARING AND SHARING.
God bless you all
Simone Myrie...
Director of Unite Jamaica People....

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