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 Donna Morris  Interview Simone Myrie 

Donna Morris ask "What keeps you going — first as a author and second as a human being?"

What keeps me going as a author is my internal need to make sense of my feelings, the world, and how the two come together. What keeps me going as a human being is the same thing. Simone the author and Simone the human are one and you will see that in The Journey Of Life. I struggle to live authentically in a world that values the opposite of that.

Donna Morris asks, "Do you have set writing hours?"

I don't have set writing hours. I write when a thought, idea or verse comes to me. The only time that I set time for writing is when I feel that I've become very distant from it. That usually happens either when life gets too busy or when I feel that feeling becomes too difficult and uncomfortable. But I now know not to make the same mistake that I made when I was 38 when I stopped writing altogether for 2 years of my life. Not feeling is not the answer to difficult times.

Donna Morris asks, "What are the biggest hurdles to overcome in your personal life while you're creating a book?"

Balance. Balance is difficult to achieve when you are so consumed into what you love. That happens to me when I am writing. I just disconnect from everyone and everything around me until I have my thought or feeling completely written and described in the most vivid detail. It's like when you're listening to a good story — you just want to keep listening until you get to the end. With writing, I feel that my heart and soul are trying to tell me something, and I want to listen until the end. I want no interruptions or delays in the message that I am meant to learn.

Donna Morris "What question do you hate being asked about your career or writing? Why?"

I don't like it when people ask me about absolutes. For example, "When was the most defining moment in your journey?" I am a person who has been evolving all my life and what brought me here are all of the details throughout those years. Where I am headed is unknown to me. I don't like having a plan that's too strict or calculated. I am open to what the world brings my way.

Donna Morris

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