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Inspiring Women Simone Myrie Community 

Inspiring Women Simone Myrie Community intend to achieve several objectives, these include women getting together to make new friends, learn, and encourage one another to be the best we are created to be.


To create a nation-wide network of women giving each other strength, hope, and answers; healing one another and themselves.

It doesn’t matter if you are old, young, single, married, divorced/seperated or even widowed. As long as you have the motivation and interest to be the best and you are willing to learn and share with others your experiences.

Founder of IWSMC  Simone Myrie and other women will teach participants ways to improve their lives, achieve a career, seek happiness and faith.

There are two ways you can spread happiness and joy. Either be the light that shines it or the mirror that reflects it.

Join us as we participate in a high energy, and highly interactive community aimed at inspiring hope and empowerment, one woman at a time.

Women empowerment promotes equality between men and women. It has been an issue since time immemorial. Men are known to be the alpha while women serve as supports. Because of this connotation, women would like to ensure that they get the same benefits men receive. As the popular point of view says, what men are capable of doing, women can equally do them, too.

Everyone deserves to be given a chance to be able to prove their capabilities. Today, such issue is slowly eradicated. Did you just see how many supports Hillary Clinton is receiving today to become the next US President? That only proves that the society these days accept the equality everyone is fighting for.

Here are some women empowerment quotes to keep you driven towards being on top of the pedestal. Do not settle for something less. Women empowerment quotes give confidence to everyone to fight for their rights, to not accept restrictions and to achieve more self-respect.

1. “Behind every successful women is a tribe of other successful'…

2. “From tight-fitting dresses to oversized t-shirts…”

3. “Strong women wear their pain like they do stilettos…”

4. “A strong woman stands up for herself…”

5. “A strong woman won’t let anyone get the best of her…”

6. “She is clothed with strength and dignity…”

7. “I’m single because I’m strong enough…”

8. “And so, she decided to start living the life…”

9. “I like stories where women save themselves…”

10. “Real women are strong, resilient, independent…”

11. “A strong woman is a woman determined to do something…”

12. “I want to be a woman who overcomes obstacles…”

15. “Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude…”

16. “I would like to be known as an intelligent woman…”

17. “A woman uses her intelligence to find reasons to support…”

The cultural norm has been liberated to ensure that barriers are lifted. Let these women empowerment quotes help you surpass those struggles that you go through. Know your worth and rights and prove to them that you are more than what they think of. It will not be difficult if you will have ample confidence.


If you are still looking for quotes that will help you surpass life struggles, let these life and inspiration quotes improve your outlook

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