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Simmie Turmeric Soap

Simmie Turmeric Soap

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Simmie  Turmeric Soap Brighten Your Skin from Head to Toe

 This all-natural turmeric face cleanser is the best 100% pure turmeric face wash for acne & spots. The skin cleansing face soap brightens
& boosts glow to leave the complexion bright & beautiful. And it contains only raw extracts!


✅ Turmeric Brightening Soap
✅ Gentle Enough for Daily Use
✅ Promotes Pore Detoxification
✅ Cleanses & Brightens Dull Skin
✅ Helps Face Acne Scars & Spots


⭐️Simmie natural turmeric bar soap is crafted with powerful natural ingredients to help
cleanse the skin, reduce acne, decrease inflammation, and remove spots.


~ Turmeric: reduces the appearance of scars and inflammation, fades skin discoloration,
fights off signs of aging and uneven skin tone, and removes dead skin cells.


~ Shea Butter: repairs damaged skin tissue to prevent scars; full of essential minerals that
help even skin tone, smooth skin, shrink pores, and fight fine lines and wrinkles.


~ Organic Honey Powder: helps speed healing and prevent infection; promotes youthful,
radiant skin, and fights harmful UV rays. It also nourishes damaged skin to fade scars.


~ Sunflower Oil: contains vitamin E and is rich in healthy fatty acids; great for healing
cracked dry skin, clearing out acne, combating wrinkles & evening out skin tone.


~ Olive Oil: is known to moisturize the skin; not only does it deliver an intense dose
of hydration, but it also locks in moisture to help your complexion glow.


~ Aloe Vera: hydrates dry or damaged skin with healing properties; high in vitamin A, C,
and antioxidants, it replenishes moisture & promotes healing for skin that glows.


Use the turmeric soap to cleanse your face, armpits, neck, intimate areas & more.
NO stinging. NO burning sensation.


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