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Simmie Tangerine  Toner

Simmie Tangerine Toner

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Simmie Tangerine Toner  is moisture-filled,  and  helps replenish skin and regain its strength. Tangerine in this toner vitalizes your skin more effectively, keeping it hydrated and nourished.


[Skin Type] All skin type


[Skincare Concerns] Dull and Rough skin, Acne and Blemishes


[Size] 145ml / 4.9 fl.oz.


[How To Use] After cleansing, take the product with a cotton pad or hand, apply onto the skin then pat for skin to absorb.


[Ingredients] Water,  Tangerine Peel  Oil, Lime Peel Oil , Tangerine Extract  ,Aloe Vera 


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