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Simmie Revitalizing Facial Brush

Simmie Revitalizing Facial Brush

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Get bright, shining skin easier than ever! These 5.75-in. Simmie Revitalizing Facial Brushes are designed to give your skin the revitalization it needs without being harsh or grating.


The skin on your face is some of the most delicate on your body, so these brushes are made of a soft and flexible silicone that is gentle on skin but tough on grime and grease. Thanks to the gentle massaging function, you can loosen and brighten your skin while cleaning out stubborn dirt and even getting hard-to-reach places like the corner of the nose. Assorted between purple and teal color variations, Simmie Revitalizing Facial Brushes are here to get your skin looking like new with minimal work for you!


Material: Polypropylene,Silicone

Material Breakdown: 87% PP + 13% silicone


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