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Simmie Rejuvenate Set

Simmie Rejuvenate Set

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Simmie Rejuvenate Set is a 6 piece set that provides gentle cleansing, toning, firming and anti-aging protection in one convenient kit. 


Simmie Hemp  Hydrating Cleansing Foam Creamy Face Cleanser is a mild foaming cleanser that sweeps away pore-clogging buildup and residue, and leaves the skin softer, smoother and clean. A delicate combination of Vitamin C , Vitamin E and Hemp extracts and other botanicals makes this formula suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. 

Simmie Face Serum is the ultimate in a concentrated serum is an all natural fragrance and alcohol free facial toner infused with natural botanical extracts
designed to tackle and reduce unwanted wrinkles, stubborn fine lines, and help rejuvenate your skin, Simmie Face Serum are the most effective way to supercharge your skincare routine to see visible results. PROVEN EFFECTIVE  - Simmie  Face Serum  is basically a two product in one containing  Carrot  Extract containing anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle properties . Secondly, Collagen enhances beauty by keeping your skin firm and youthful.This refreshing formula will normalize the pH as well as firm, tighten and refine pores. 
Simmie  Turmeric Soap Brightens Your Skin from Head to Toe ..This all-natural turmeric face cleanser is the best 100% pure turmeric face wash for acne & spots. The skin cleansing face soap brightens
& boosts glow to leave the complexion bright & beautiful. And it contains only raw extracts!  (Vitamin A, E and C) for fast repair and correction of skin damage caused by aging and environment. The antioxidant protects tissues from free radicals, visibly slowing formation of wrinkles and premature skin aging. A younger, smoother and firmer looking skin with lasting results is the goal that is achieved by Simmie.  


Simmie Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub will be your new skin care favorite. With an indulgent coconut scent, this body scrub will leave your senses and your skin feeling revitalized. If you love it when your skin feels soft and smooth, dry skin can really get in the way of a natural exfoliating skin scrub that refines pores and leaves your skin smoother. All natural polishing grains exfoliate together with coconut extracts and act as the natural exfoliant providing maximum benefit for your skin. 
Simmie  Tangerine Face Cream Specially formulated for dry to normal skin types,  is enriched with rejuvenating Tangerine  oil, (Vitamin A, E and C)   plant-based multivitamins that gradually brighten dark spots while keeping skin soft and healthy. Apply daily to  face , and watch as  hyperpigmentation, acne blemishes, scars, and age spots fade away for a fresh, youthful, perfectly even appearance. This revitalizing face cream  is also great for protecting skin against the effects of age, the sun, and the environment. Use routinely with Simmie Tangerine Products complete  brightening products to achieve your ideal shade of beauty!

Simmie Double Strength Retinol Night Repair Serum A carefully formulated blend of ingredients to address the most common concerns of aging and support the skin's natural exfoliation process. This serum contains Retinol,Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid, three  scientifically proven ingredients that combat the signs of aging and assist in skin restoration and cellular turn-over and regeneration. This serum is an effective way to improve skin appearance, health and elasticity. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, when used daily. Retinol improves the look of dark spots, red skin, stinging sunburns and flaky complexions. Reduce blackheads and whiteheads and minimize pores. Assist in slouching away dead skin and cellular regeneration of skin. Use retinol only at night and on clean, dry skin




  • For best results

    • Make  Simmie Rejuvenate Set part of Your Daily Routine: Lightweight, not sticky or oily for no mess application.


    • For best results,  First apply  Simmie Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub ,  cleanse with Simmie Hemp  Hydrating Cleansing Foam Creamy Face Cleanser or Simmie Turmeric Soap  then apply  Simmie Face Serum  , absorb completely then finish with Simmie  Tangerine Face Cream and one  drop of  Simmie Double Strength Retinol Night Repair Serum

    About this item 

    • Clean, Bright, Fresh: Packed with antioxidants from Vitamin C , Vitamin E, Turmeric  Tangerine  Extract , Hemp  Extract, Brown Sugar  Crystal ,Retinol  to visibly brighten skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots to give you an all over glow


    • Clean Conscious Formula: Vitamin C is the must-have skincare ingredient and at the core of this collection because it's packed with antioxidants that can defend against free radicals and leaves skin looking hydrated, smooth, and positively radiant
    • Make  Simmie Rejuvenate Set part of Your Daily Routine: Lightweight, not sticky or oily for no mess application.
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